The field broadly described as "translation services" is developing rapidly in response to the overall technical, economic and political developments of the 21st century. Demand for new kinds of services can emerge in a matter of months, and old ones may become obsolete thanks to developments in machine translation or other areas. Some may find this disconcerting, others thrive on the excitement, but it is quite clear that to stay in business, today's translation companies have to adapt to the everchanging markets while retaining their core strengths.

We believe that keeping a clear focus and delineating our service areas in some detail is of key importance, so instead of doing "a bit of everything", we have a clearly defined set of professional services that we strive to be the best at.

Our services

The regular translation service of Technica Translations, sometimes also referred to as TEP (translation, editing and proofreading) includes translation, review and proofreading as a minimum. Bilingual revision and/or any additional checks or services will be added if so agreed with the customer.
This is our default service, so unless specifically stated otherwise in the price quote, this is the service that we quote for.

A growing trend in translation business, transcreation is more than just translation with a creative approach. Especially suited for marketing or advertising pitches, speeches or other similar texts, it is often close to creative writing or copywriting. Transcreation tasks may require more time and an in-depth knowledge of the subject matter as well as other specific skills like rhyming, ghostwriting or a background in journalism.

As with terminology, we create and manage translation memories for our internal use with almost every translation project. These are meant for our internal use, making our work processes faster and ensuring better quality of translation.
Upon order, we will provide customer-specific translation memories, fully edited and formatted according to the customer's specifications.