Tanel Karus
Chief Technical Officer

Tanel has been involved with translations in one way or another since year 2004. From freelance translator to technical development tasks to managerial duties. He sees himself as a natural analyst, who tries to find patterns in everything, be it languages, numbers or people. He is also known as a resolute believer in technological development and a part-time gadget-geek.

"I have always been that one weird guy who swims against the current, always questioning the way of doing things, first to try out a new technology and gadgets... often to great annoyance of my friends and colleagues. It is very important for me to always try to find the next step or the new exciting thing. In 2016 I was once again ready to start something new. The stars aligned and I met Janis and Mihkel.  We had all been pondering the same issues and our ideas clicked right off the bat. As they say – being in the right place at the right time with the right people. With this combination great things can happen."


Mihkel Nummert
CEO, sales manager

Mihkel has been working with languages for most of his life, as a translator as well as on various managerial positions. Describing himself as a "language person", he says he often dreams in multiple languages as well. So it is hardly a surprise that he sees the translation industry as an exciting, evolving and ever-challenging business where things never get boring.

"Towards the end of 2016, when we were discussing the state of the language industry in general and in the Baltics in particular with some fellow language aficionados, the idea of a modern regional MLSP providing high-quality translations into the three local languages while also developing machine translation capabilities for these rather specific languages emerged, then settled, then was discussed some more, then even more... and a few months later, Technica Translations was born. It is an exciting time to be involved in these truly global processes, and I feel as motivated as ever to participate in bringing our common vision to life. There are some great things to be done here and some great challenges to be met. For me, that's a wonderful reason to be rushing to the office in the morning. Getting back to work now, thank you!"