About us

Technica Translations was founded by three guys who had been working in translation business for decades. Having been translators, editors, project managers, service coordinators, IT-guys, CEO-s and business owners before, they decided it's now time to bring together their combined experience of almost half a century in the business and set up a firm that would meet the needs of the fast-changing global translation market, providing fast, high-standard and well-coordinated translation services into Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian and Russian. As it is our aim to keep a clear focus and be the best in our field, our source languages at present include English, German and French only.

  • We are fully focused on the global B2B market. Our target customer groups include global and regional LSP-s as well as direct customers interested in reliable professional language services into the languages we work with, i.e. the languages of the Baltic countries + Russian. 
  • We are at present built around an agency model with strict in-house quality assurance and vendor management mechanisms. That means we have a tight circle of trusted translators and editors with whom we work on a daily basis, providing support, training and feedback. And we have a larger circle of tested translation partners available to respond quickly to increases in workload.
  • We apply the processes and requirements of the ISO 17100 standard in our everyday work. We see considerable potential in modern technical solutions and we do our best to leverage them with maximum efficiency, while also developing our own tools to achieve even better speed and quality of translation.

Technica Translations has a carefully coordinated project management structure with people physically present in Tallinn and Riga, and our service policy is strictly customer-focused to ensure flexibility and fast response times. Please contact us *here* for a quote or more information on anything concerning our services.